Year of lights

Happy new year guys. 2018 was really awesome. A lot of good memories to last a lifetime and i hope it was so for you but even if it was not- You have been given a fresh start as some people will say a blank page to write on ‘what will you do with 2019 […]

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Recess 😁😁

Hello people, Trust you are doing well and your work and family is doing well too. God bless you and make you prosperous especially in this season of celebrating the birth of our lord and saviour. So for some days I have been home and absent from work, the break is refreshing but can be […]

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Operation WAI!!

Hello People, How are you? Hope you are enjoying the season and weather too. We shout corruption and indiscipline in this our country blaming the government most especially but I guess we keep forgetting that this government we are shouting is filled with people like you and me. I remember growing up, my folks used […]

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At the master’s feet

Today was one of those days I sat down, thought about life, where I am etc. Atimes I wish I didn’t have to work, jump on buses, make money, get out of bed etc, I just wish one could just wake up every day and have all the good things of life just like that.. […]

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Is your pistol the answer?

Good morning people, how are you and how is your day going? Eku ipalemo odun o!!! Nawa for this force people from police to the army, navy and air force. Their gragra atimes no be here, some are cool headed though at least I know of a few but for some I shake my head. […]

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Rod of correction 2

Sequel to a previous post ‘ROD OF CORRECTION 1’ on the boy who did wrong and got a slap from his mum. Here is lesson 2: Here is a boy who is young and might have a little or no knowledge of good and evil but really ignorance is not an excuse he did wrong […]

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