Fear 😱

Having just remembered this incident that happened days ago decided to pen it down. It’s really been a while hear and it’s refreshing to have to put my pen to paper again. Going back to this incident of sort, I was on my way home as usual and in this commuter bus where I was […]

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Going home from work and as usual lagos traffic is something else so to cool down from the stress and tension of. Jumping buses while awaiting another to jump on… Lol.. I decided to get a bottle of cold drink to cool my body *in the voice of someone I know* and in my head […]



Writing today’s piece got me wandering why most of my inspiration comes while walking, at the bus stop, in a car or something. There is something about the blue sky, green trees and cool breeze that just makes a person introspect not minding the noise and air pollution with the push and shove of commuters […]


Just like FINE WINE

So yesterday was caught up in married love ish.. and oh no I am not married but i always enjoy listening, reading or watching a married couple who are so into each other. It started with me on the web watching a video blog of this known blogger and it was her wedding anniversary so […]

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Police Palava

So, there I was sitting in a bus this morning on my way to work. Along the way, early momo this police people just stopped us on the way (if you enter public transport in Lagos I am sure you will get the gist). That how this driver started raking oo, I will not give […]

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You know the feeling you get when you just look at something that you really like and you just can’t have. Like passing through the mall and you look through the window of a fashion house and you see this lovely dress you have been eyeing and probably low on cash / on a strict […]


Thoughts on a paper

After so much ado, I decided to start penning my thoughts down. Yesterday I got thinking after several weeks of …. I don’t even know what sef.                       ‘Where is my life headed’?   Don’t get me wrong o, its not that I don’t know what […]

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