Police Palava

So, there I was sitting in a bus this morning on my way to work. Along the way, early momo this police people just stopped us on the way (if you enter public transport in Lagos I am sure you will get the gist). That how this driver started raking oo, I will not give […]

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You know the feeling you get when you just look at something that you really like and you just can’t have. Like passing through the mall and you look through the window of a fashion house and you see this lovely dress you have been eyeing and probably low on cash / on a strict […]


Thoughts on a paper

After so much ado, I decided to start penning my thoughts down. Yesterday I got thinking after several weeks of …. I don’t even know what sef.                       ‘Where is my life headed’?   Don’t get me wrong o, its not that I don’t know what […]

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