Mama Emma

Good afternoon everyone, hope you have had a good day? Today’s topic is “Mama Emma” which means Emma’s mother. As a children teacher in a Sunday school, I get to see and hear a lot of things as children are not as close mouthed, they take each day as it comes just as they speak […]

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No pressure

Good morning everyone and welcome to 2021. It’s a wonder, you sleep in 2020 and wake up the next day in 2021. We thank God for a wonderful 2020 and I welcome you into 2021 –your time of abundance. I know a lot of us including myself have made a lot of resolutions: to do […]

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‘Aboki’ na indigene

Hi guys, good afternoon. It has been a minute on here. Trust you have been well.Today has really been a good day but it started out quite on a funny note. Here I was walking at the bus stop, this Lagos agberos (ununiformed transport operators or uniformed touts as the case may be) mean business […]

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Good morning lovelies, trust you have been well? God will continue to be our combined strength in Jesus name. Today, I will be speaking on changes as a popular saying goes: Change is a constant thing, everything in life is a product of change. A child born today that grows into an adult to morrow, […]

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The Mask

Good morning guys,How are you doing on this fair day? Trust great.The times and season is changing, weather is cooler or hotter, the new normal in the workplace and environs is really becoming normal but with God seeing us through this times we will come out on the other side unscathed.The mask as today’s topic, […]

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Hi people, How have you been? I trust it has been a great day. Today we will be talking about containers. These are things you keep stuff in, they could be glass, plastic or paper etc depending on what you want to keep in them. So, for some weeks now I have been taking care […]

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Hello people, How are you doing today? Trust you are having a good day. So around this time last year, I wrote a post and tagged it “RESET” . You know life happens to you sometimes and you wonder where God is or what you had done wrong to deserve what happened to you but […]

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What happens when the one to teach or lead you in the right is the one leading you astray. What happens when the ones in charge of the law break the law? What do we do or where do we go from there? Good morning people, I trust you are doing good and keeping safe. […]

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