Wow guys, 2020 is here and crawling away so fast too. Happy new year people, may this year favor us all in Jesus name. As its a new year, a number of people made resolutions, pledges, wrote down goals to be achieved etc and often times many do not get to see this plans or […]

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The father’s love

Hello people, eku ijo meta, kwana biyu. Its been a long period of silence but thank God I am back. “How deep the fathers love for me, how vast beyond all measure, that he could give his only son to make a wretch his treasure”. The lines of this precious hymn I learnt during my […]

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Carry me

Hi people, good evening and trust you had a good day. Rain rain go away, come again another day is the outcry of Lagosians now but come to think of it, the holy book says that “when the clouds be full of rain, it empties itself on the earth”. The farmers have been crying for […]

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Good morning people. It sure is a great day right? One of the naughty characteristics of Lagos state aside the traffic palava is improper waste management and the absence of this waste management thing ehn is causing so much gbege. There is flooding everywhere at the slightest rainfall, dumpsite/ dunghills are at every corner breeding […]

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Pearls and Mire

Hi people, Trust you are well? Today has been a cold day and speaking of cold and rain, please ensure you are well covered, keep warm and drink alot of tea and if driving do so with care. So, today I was on my way somewhere and this funky smell was everywhere and in my […]

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Hi people, trust your day has been great with all going as planned. How are you doing too? Just realized its the last week in September o, kai this year don finish. So, today was a good day, work was fun etc. and I was ready to go home after the days work. Here I […]

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Treat me Nicely

Hello people, Trust you are well. I yaff come again o and today my story is about how we treat others, how you see yourself and others. People and relationships are a vital part of our lives, the people you associate with, who they associate with and what we do with this network keeping in […]

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